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January 2022
Antoinette Prien Schultze featured on Cow Hampshire, New Hampshire's History Blog
Read a fascinating article about Antoinette's genealogy, arts background and sculptures including "Mill Girl" located in Manchester, NH.

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Fall 2021
Silent Guide - Installed at Menlo College Campus in CA
This is part of The Silicon Valley Sculpture (SVS), a 4-day fine art fair showcasing a curated selection of outdoor sculpture by 30+ sculptures.

Silent Guide installed at Menlo Park, CA

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Fall 2019
Artist Talk at Cove Street Arts, Portland, Maine

Spring 2019
Mother Totem - Installed at The Crane Estate in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Exhibition Invitation

Fall 2018
Granite Mother - Installed at "Settlers Green" in North Conway, New Hampshire

Exhibition Invitation

June 2017–June 2020
The Human Spirit In Stone - Exhibition in the Garden
Maine Jewish Museum, Portland, ME

View the work of Antoinette at this exhibition in the garden. Four sculptures are on display through June 2020.

June 11 – September 9, 2017
Interludes - Art in the Park 2017 Exhibition
Elm Park, Worcester, MA

This video shows the installation of "Remembrance" at Elm Park.

Exhibition Invitation

View work by Antoinette in Art in the Park, Worcester, a celebration of large-scale sculptures, artists, friends, families, and community in historic Elm Park, Worcester, MA.

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May 1–August 1, 2017
The Newton Festival of the Arts announces its first Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition.

View the work of Antoinette at this outdoor sculpture exhibition. Sculpture will be installed on the Olmsted-designed landscape that surrounds Newton City Hall, Newton, MA.

Fall 2016
"Drummond Memorial Monument" completed and installed at the Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine.

This video documents the transportation of Antoinette's sculpture from her studio in Eliot, Maine to the installation site.

October 17–18, 2015
Josephine Sculpture Park

Antoinette held a 2-day carving workshop at the Josephine Sculpture Park in Frankfort, KY

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September 1–7, 2015
"Celebrate culture, learn about art and stuff your face at Mill Brook" by Jon Bodell

If you go to the September installment, which will be held Sept. 9 at 6 p.m., you'll meet Maine sculptor Antoinette "Toni" Prien Schultze.

Schultze is a trained opera singer, mother of four and passionate artist whose area of expertise is granite sculptures – quite fitting for an event in the Granite State. When she's not chiseling or jackhammering away at the stone, she's usually driving a trailer somewhere in the U.S. to deliver her pieces – she's gone to Florida and Chicago, among other places.

In fact, the piece she's standing with in the photo, called "Cultured Stone" (look, more culture!), will soon be headed to Josephine Sculpture Park in Kentucky.

She'll tell whoever shows up about her experiences as a sculptor, as well as her life in general. If you're lucky, Tarbell said, Schultze may even talk about helping deliver calves on her husband's farm. And again, it's a low-stress, relaxing time, not a preachy, stuffy kind of deal.

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August 2015
Lenox Living
Neighborhood News
"Lenox Heritage & the Arts" by Joan Bruno

Antoinette P. Schultze has created a gorgeous piece called "Mother Totem", made of a mixture of light and dark colored granite, highlighted with two globs of brilliant yellow glass. The natural stone and reflective glass stand out against the backdrop of foliage, and the mature ferns, which grow around the rectangular base, give the piece a very organic feel. As I stood among the woodland gardens, I wondered what might Mrs. Wharton have felt about "Mother Totem"? I recalled a scene from the Age of Innocence in which Newland Archer walks through a drawing room "where Beaufort had had the audacity to hang 'Love Victorious', the much- discussed nude of Bouguereau" (in plain view). With these words in mind, I felt consoled, believing that, like the character that she had created, Edith Wharton would have approved of this bit of audacity, if only in rebellion against the stifling nature of the utterly conventional.

September 2014

Awarded to Antoinette Prien Schultze on behalf of the 126th Legislature and the people of the State of Maine, an official expression of sentiment recognizing her as a prize-winning Sculptor, September 2014.

August 15, 2013
Berkshires Week
"Sculpture Interacts with natural world" by Charles Bonenti

... and Antoinette Schultze's white granite and blue glass "Summit" are made powerful presences in most any space they occupy.

May 24, 2013
The Weekly Sentinel
"Sculptures by Eliot Artist Selected for Hudson River Exhibit"

Two sculptures by Artist Antoinette Prien Schultze of Eliot, Maine were selected for inclusion in a sculptural exhibition, "Ossining in 3D: A 200 Year Celebration," situated along New York’s Hudson River. She was the only sculptor to have two works selected for the exhibit, which will continue through Oct. 27. A self-taught sculptor with a formal background in music, she has evolved from a figurative artist to a recognized abstract artist. Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park in Skokie, IL, said of the artist, "Antoinette’s sculptures are visually beautiful and provocative." Etc. . .

June 2, 2013
The New York Times
"A Village’s Bicentennial Celebrated in Sculpture"

A woman molded in bronze lounges by the library, legs outstretched, face turned toward the sky. Along the shore, a shard of crimson glass atop a towering column of rose-colored granite catches reflections from the Hudson River beyond. Sculpture is situated in outdoor locations in the historic downtown and waterfront districts. “We’ve put this super modern sculpture in front of our old architecture to take the village into its third century,” said Richard A. Leins, the village manager.

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July 3, 2013
Hudson Valley Reporter
"‘Ossining In 3D’ Bicentennial Sculpture Exhibit Captivates Residents"

“Ossining in 3D,” a 25-piece outdoor sculpture exhibit celebrating the village’s bicentennial, opened to the public on May 5 and will remain open through Oct. 26. Two months into its stay, it is the talk of the town.

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August edition 2013
Westchester Magazine
"Ossining in 3D: The Westchester Village’s Art Exhibit"

As I passed through the winding streets of the village of Ossining in the late-afternoon summer heat, I watched the shadows dance across multiple landmark properties – the public library, Trinity Church, and the massive, castle-like high school at the center of town. My eyes lingered on the intricacies of the town’s historical architecture while I searched for the sprawling mile-and-a-half long sculpture garden that I had come to see—a staple of Ossining in 3D, the village’s new, monumental art exhibit.

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September 12, 2013
"Ossining in 3D" App is Released
vailable in the App Store:

“Ossining in 3D” is a public arts exhibition created as part of the village’s year-long bicentennial celebration. The pieces, located along a 1.5 mile walking route, will be on display until October 26, 2013. This walking tour app, with audio commentary for each piece provided mostly by the artists themselves, allows you to interact with, and experience the exhibit in a deeper and more engaging manner.

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Publication of Art New England
SCULPTURENOW at The Mount, “Confluence”


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